Small guitar amps are great for people who want to practice and improve their sound at home or with limited space. One of the great things about shopping for small guitar amps, is that there are a good number of them in the market. The downside to this, is the fact that not all of them are of the best quality. Obviously that can make challenging for musicians to pick out equipment. That’s where we come in to assist. We’ve sorted through the available inventories of amps, and compiled all of the best small guitar amps for you here. We have a complete shoppers guide that can help you determine how to balance price with features and quality.

The Rundown on Smaller Guitar Amps

Since there are a good number of small guitar amps in the market, it can seem daunting to narrow down your options to the best small guitar amp for your needs. To do so, you might need to do some research on small guitar amps and what features you need to look for when you decide to purchase one.

It’s very important to focus on the reputable brands, as well as the reviews written about the highly rated amps. This gives you an idea of what to expect once you have your small guitar amp. One thing that is very common with low quality small guitar amps is the fact that they give a buzzy and thin sound. This is something you definitely don’t need and by using our guide you can be certain to avoid.

Why Spend More?

A high quality guitar amp can not only make your guitar sound better and more audible, but it also will increase your enjoyment in playing and practicing. Apart from improving your experience, a high quality small guitar amp in most cases is made very well and is highly durable. An increased lifespan is almost always worth the price you pay.

5 Best Small Guitar Amps

Up first in our guide,is our best small guitar amp reviews. Without further ado, here are our picks.

1. Peavey Vypyr VIP 1-20 Watt Modeling Instrument Amplifier

Peavey Vypyr VIP 1 - 20 Watt Modeling Instrument Amplifier

Peavey Vypyrs has for a long time created a number of guitar amplifiers which work great and produce clear and natural sound. The previous models such as Vypyr 15 were top notch predecessors, and would give you an equally amazing experience. Since discontinuing those, the new and improved model has received just as high of praise as the Peavey Vypyr VIP 1 performs even better.

Unlike previous models, it has improved features that make it possible to achieve more than the simple effects. One thing that makes this one of the best small guitar amps, is that you can also use it as an acoustic or bass guitar amp and achieve the correct quality and sound. This amp also has amazing emulation effects that you wouldn’t normally get on a small guitar amp, including programmable effects to take production to another level

2. Marshall MG15CFX-MG Series 15 Watt Amp

Marshall MG15CFX MG Series 15-Watt Guitar Combo Amp

If you are looking for an amp that will not only improve your practice experience, but also give you an easy time with the controls, the Marshall MG15CFX-MG series is the perfect choice for you. This is one of the simplest small guitar amps on the market. It is very easy to use and the control layout makes it easy to navigate.

It is perfect for a beginner who is just looking to practice and improve their skills. Marshall is a brand that is known for production of high quality and reliable amplifiers. You can therefore be assured you are getting a high quality product when you buy this amp.

3. Fender Mustang I-V2 20-Watt Electric Guitar Amp

Fender Mustang I V2 20-Watt Combo Electric Guitar Amplifier

Fender Mustang has blown a lot of audiophiles away with the quality of amplifiers they produce. A lot of people consider their guitar amps to be the best among the competition. There are good reasons for this.

First and foremost, all their amplifiers sound very good thereby improving the user’s sound in a great way. The other reason why people rave about these amplifiers is the fact that they are very easy to use.

Second of all, they have a good number of effects every player will need. One feature you will find in the Fender Mustang I-V2 20-Watt you will probably not find in many simple amplifiers, is the USB compatibility. This allows you to connect your PC to take advantage of the included software. You’ll have access to a library of effects that make your sound even more unique.

4. Orange Amplifiers-Micro Crush 3 Watt Mini Amp

Orange Amplifiers-Micro Crush Mini Amp

Orange amplifiers are known for producing a vintage kind of sound, making them unique among others. They have a history of making amplifiers of great quality, and they have been used and cherished by guitar players throughout multiple generations. The Micro Crush is not an exception to this rule of quality. It has even more improved features compared to its ancestors.

Orange has equipped this amp with a easy-to-access control system, and it has a very unique design compared to other amplifiers in the market. The built in tuner takes this small guitar amplifier to the next level. It is simply a great amplifier for beginners and experts. It’s easily the best small guitar amp for home use.

5. Danelectro Hodad II Mini Amp

dancelectro hoaded II mini amp

Danelectro Hodad II (DH-2) Mini Amp is perfect for the player who wants the best small guitar amp to be extremely portable.  Apart from the fact that this amplifier is portable, it also has some amazing features that make it stand out. First and foremost, it has a twin speaker which improves your sound. The amp also has very easy to use controls. Last but not least, this amp has echo and tremolo effects which are hard to come about in small guitar amps. It’s an easy shoe in for the best small practice guitar amp.

Choosing the Best Small Guitar Amplifier for You

After reading some of the best small guitar amp reviews, it’s important to take a look at your own needs. What features and benefits are you looking for from your practice amp? We’ve got a few categories for you to consider.

Marshall Mini Guitar Amp one of the best small guitar amps


Avoid brands that don’t have a good reputation for anything other than a low price. Likely you’ll be getting sound quality to match it, and you’ll end up back at square one: shopping for a new small guitar amp.


Getting on of the best small guitar amps on the market, will likely mean you’re getting one loaded with features that you won’t find elsewhere. Some have USB/Software capabilities for easy mixing and production. Others come with built in tuners. Take into account which features you are more likely to use before you make your final decision. We’ve listed some of these features to look for in our next section.


Durability is something else you get from the best small guitar amp. Name brands have a reputation to uphold; so they are taking the time to come up with high quality products that not only give you a great performance experience, but are also very durable. This saves you money that would otherwise be spent on buying a new amp when the low quality one fails within no time. Check for customer service availability and warranty options when you shop.

Ease of Use

Last but not least, the high quality amps are usually very easy to use. This is something everyone especially beginners need. It allows you to start experiencing the amp in as little time as possible. With complex amps, you might need time to get acquainted with the control panel and the different effects before you get to enjoy it. This could get quite frustrating, especially for someone who is just starting out.

Top Features to Look for When Buying a Small Guitar Amplifier

There are several things you need to look for before you hand over your money for any small guitar amp. Features can be daunting, so take a look at the few we have listed before investing.


It is important to consider whether the amplifier has digital or tube technology. There are a number of musicians who prefer to play with the best small tube guitar amp over the digital type. This type of technology has however become old with time and people are more commonly interested in the digital type. Most people are now using the digital technology because it generally requires very minimal maintenance and produces high quality sound. However, some may prefer the old school over the new school- so do your research! Ask about or listen to the sound before you decide to purchase any amplifier.Orange Micro Terror Amp


The other thing that you should consider before purchasing a small guitar amplifier is its power amp. Most people who use amplifiers do not give a lot of attention to the distortion of the power amp when they are using it. If overlooked, it can really ruin your experience or give you the wrong result. There are three things that generally cause distortion. These include: speakers, preamp and power amp.

One way to test if an amplifier will work for you without any distortion is to turn up master volume to full volume and then lower it. A great amplifier will have a sound that is lively and should have a cool vibration to it at full volume. If the sound is not close to this description, it is not a great idea to go with the amplifier.


Portability is another thing you might need to consider when you are thinking of purchasing a new small guitar amp. This is however dependent on what you intend to use the amp for. If you plan on taking it to different places for practice, you will require one that is easy to carry around but still includes a number of amazing features every audiophile needs. If you plan on having it in one room for practice, this might not be as important since you will not need to move it from one place to another.

Alternatives to Small Guitar Amps

There are several ways you can amplify your guitar without a small guitar amplifier.

Virtual Amp

This is where you use PC software to amplify your guitar sound.

Pedal Amp

It offers foot control and is very small which means it does not occupy to much space in a room.

Pocket Amp

This is a very small amp that can easily fit in your pocket. You can use it on your stereo or by use of headphones. These three options are perfect when you do not want a large amp or you are simply looking for convenience in terms of portability and ease of use.

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