With new technologies coming in, the music industry has not only seen new sound and genre being develop, but also new and sophisticated instruments too. If you are drummer, obviously, you have heard or come across electronic drum kits. They are the newest thing in the industry and have replaced the spot acoustic drum kits have held for years. They can be a great solution for a quieter way to practice, especially for children and apartment living. We’ve put together a short list of the best electronic drum sets for you, to make shopping easier and more effective.

General Thoughts on Drum Sets

Normally, before you do anything, you need to answer a couple of questions. First, think about all you plan to do with your set. Is it for your practice or you plan to use it in your studio? Do you need it for live performance? Well, just like any other musical instruments out there;at this point, do not just look at the short term needs, but look at your long term need.

As with any other purchase you make, drummer are always advised to invest in a quality drum. The kind of drum kit you buy today can make or even break your drumming passion or career. Do not cave in to the urge to dishing out your money for a cheaper option. Before it is packed ready to be shipped to your studio at one, take your time to go though each instruments and make sure you give it a critical listen. If you are thinking of buying the best electronic drum; well, here is all you need know about electronic drum kits. It is important.

5 Best Electronic Drum Sets of 2017

With new designers joining the industry with the best of their designs, an industry that has for years only seen few players is now going through one of the biggest competitions. Brands are working round the clock perfecting their products.

If buying a nice and well designed electronic drum set you are looking for, here are 5 0f the best electronic kit you could spend your money on.

1. Yamaha DTX430K Electronic Drum Kit

Yamaha DTX430K Electronic Drum Kit

The Yamaha set easily made our list of the best electronic drum sets. Even for an industry that has continued to see the best of the best being created and made available to drummers all over the world, the Yamaha DTX430K pushes for a more modern drum experience. Currently riding high across the market, this drum set comes with an upgraded 3 zone snare pad which has one of the most responsive playing experiences.

Another thing that gives this drumming kit life is its module. For example, if you are one of those drummers who love exploring new drum sounds and have the wipe option to download and create their own module, this kit is definitely what you should be going for next. It is the best.

2. Alesis DM6 USB 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set

Alesis DM6 USB Kit Five-Piece Compact Beginner Electronic Drum Set

If you are beginner looking for the best electronic drum sets out there, this Alesis 5 piece is definitely what you should be going for next. This set does not only come with a ridiculously low price, but also with more than 100 drum, cymbal and tom sounds giving your set a very unique custom sounds.

With its three tom and two cymbal right at the top of the hi-hat and pass, bass, drum and pad, you have more than enough to jam out to customs and even cover famous tunes. It does not even stop there; with its USB-MIDI feature, you can send MIDI data to virtual instruments or your personal computer.

3. Roland TD-4KP V-Drums Electronic Kit

Roland V-Drums TD-4KP Portable Electronic Drum Set

Due to its impressive sound bank, there is now way this Roland kit was not going to make onto our list. Designed specifically for drummers who are always on the move, this kit comes with an amazing slim line design that can be folded down and put into a special designed carry bag.

Unlike other drum kits out there; this kit comes with an easy to work module that offer a wide rage of expressive and editable drum sounds. Alternatively, you can buy additional mesh heads for your snare to enhance your drumming experience. Overall, if you are a drummer who is looking for a transportable kit I Would say this is a rewardable investment.

4. ddrum DD1 Complete Electronic Drum Kitddrum DD1 Complete Electronic Drum Kit

As with any other drum set, this amazing kit comes fully complete with a three toms, crash cymbal, ride cymbal, kick drum with pedal, snare, hi-hat and auxiliary input among others. It has also been built to last and on top of all that, ddrum DD1 Complete Electronic Drum Kit comes with a USB and MIDI compatibility feature coupled with 20 preset kits, 10 user kits and 50 preset songs.

Looking at all that, it is evident this set comes with every single thing you will need to jam right away. Not forgetting the bounce back on this amazing kit; it is super great. In short, you will love everything about this electronic drum set.

5. Acorn Triple-D5 US Electronic Drum Kit

Acorn Triple-D5 US Electronic Drum Kit

This set is a surprisingly cheaper choice and a perfect kit for people who have never touched a drum set before but think they want to give it a try. The best part, coming with such a low price, there is not much risk if you do not want to pursue the instrument farther than what this kit has to offer; that is three toms, two cymbals, bass drum and a hi-hat.

Lastly, although doesn’t promise quality sound and pad, one of the best things about it is that it is a great practice kit at a ridiculously irresistible price. The best part, with all great features this set comes with, it definitely hits the spot for a budding drummer.

Top Benefits of a Quality Electronic Drum Set

If you are a beginner drummer or you have been using these kits for years, clearly, you do not need to be told about all you can do with them. If buying a drum set is something you are planning on buying real soon, instead of investing all of your money on an acoustic drum set, here are top reasons why you need to buy an electronic drum set. Compared with acoustic model the amount of benefits you can net from an digital drunk sit are far reaching.

How to choose the best electronic drum set for you

Unlimited Sounds on Tap

When we talk of electronic drum sets in a musical setting, they offer a near limitless range of sounds to meld with any music genre, making them the most ideal choice for people who work in a wide range of music style. Plus, by using an electronic drum kit, it is easy to control the volume in small venues and house where you are required to keep a lid on your decibels.


The kind of versatility you can net from an electronic drum set is mind blowing. With it, you can edit your performance; adjust time to enhance your recording with so much ease. That is not the only best part, being able to add percussive sweetening; you can elevate your track from okay to extraordinary.

It does not even stop there; if you plan to expand your kits with more pads and triggers in the future; invest in an electronic drum set. Unlike those traditional acoustic drum set, it come with enough connectors that allow you to do a couplr of things. For example, you can send MIDI data to external computer and digital interfaces and workstations, as well, giving you greater access to a wide range of music software and applications. With all, that, what else can you possibly ask for


Unlike most acoustic drums, the best electronic drum sets are much easier to transport from practice to studio or gig. There are much lightweight and a bit small. Many at times, the largest part of the whole set is the amplifier, which may not be needed depending on the performance or practice area. In short, an electronic drum set take up less room and can be store in a couple of soft bag for easy transport. Another great reason why you need to buy an electronic drum set.

Learning and Practice Benefits

With electronic drum sets, learning and practicing has been made much easy and fun. Many at times, most of these kits come fully complete with built in preset drum patterns that come in handy when you are learning to play. Plus, by playing along with these patterns, you can build your muscle memory and coordination needed to become a solid drummer.


Because of tremendous improvement in technology, the prices of most electronic drum sets have dramatically come down. Despite all you can do with a digital drum set, with a few hundreds of dollars, you can get ne of the best kits out there.

What to Consider When Buying An Electronic Drum Set

Why would anyone spend his or her money on an electronic drum? This is one question many people would love to know the answer. The answer is simple; compared to acoustic drum, the amount of things any drummer can do with a digital drum set are to many. Other than it ease of use, most electronic drum set comes with amazing features.Best Electronic Drum Sets for Kids

If you’re out there looking for a the best electronic drum sets, just like when you are buying a computer, you don’t wait to get it until the next thing comes out; if you now what to consider, there will always be a an a piece greater on the drawing board. To get you started though, here are top things any shopper needs to consider when shopping for a great electronic drum set.

  • Price. Just like any other purchase you make today, price is one of the biggest considerations when you are buying your first electronic drum set. The amount of money you are willing to spend on your kits will determine what you are going to go with home. In other cases, what is not included in the price is also what you might want to look into. Not all drumming kits include everything you need to start playing. It is because of this that shoppers are advised to go for a kit that comes with most of the essential adds on for buying tem separately could cost you a lot of money.
  • Sound Quality. Secondary, just like price, sound quality is also essential and must be considered at all times. Make sure the kit’s modules have been propery reinitialized to factory specs; with that alone, you will be able to hear what the designer has intended. Plus, make sure you play the kits before you have it packed. This will provide a much clearer representation of the modules sonic character.
  • Durability. How long you expect your kit to last is very important and must be taken into great consideration. It because of thus that you may want to consider the manufacturer’s reputation for durability. Thankfully, there is one simple test when it comes to this. Take a closer look at overall physical condition of the the drum kit. Find out what is missing , fallen off. or simply not in order. That alone will give a sense of how the kits will hold up in your studio.
  • Audio Outputs. Do the kits come with enough audio kits to meet you needs? This is important if you want to record in your own studio at home or perform in very large venue. Plus, the number of audio input a kit comes will often dictate the kit you will end up buying. At the end, it is much better to have a good number of individual outputs.
  • Storage Space. Lastly, think about the space in your home or studio that you will have to set aside for your your drum kit. A good number of high end drum sets are quite large and can cause a lot of problems if you reside in a relatively smaller studio or room. Think about the available space before you go out shopping and take into great consideration the drum throne when you will be doing the measurement. However, if you want a larger drum kit, you can save a lot of space by mounting some of the pads on any other place rather than the included rack.

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