A guitar is one of the best starter instruments journey of learning to play musical instruments. If you are a beginner, it is obvious you need to start from somewhere, and we highly suggest that be with an acoustic guitar. The challenge that most guitar lovers’ encounter is choosing what is best for them. Choosing what is best first begins with knowing what you want and missing this point may get you into trouble. We’ve got all that you need in order to pick out the best beginner acoustic guitars for learning.

With technology and manufacturing become more accessible, production of goods is also getting more diverse. There are several guitar brands that exist in the market. Some are very beautiful to look at but that is not what should matter the most. For a beginner, it is important to first know how to differentiate between a quality instrument, and one that’s just for show. The most notable feature with the acoustic guitar is its big size and the hollow chamber that helps in magnification of sound.

Are you a beginner who is thinking of acquiring a high-quality guitar with an amazing sound? Read on and get clued in on some of the factors you should have in mind before sending a single penny on a guitar.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

Due to lack of experience, it is not strange when beginners commit mistakes while buying an acoustic guitar. The anxiety of acquiring a new product may make it worse. Anyway it is the beginning of anyone willing to explore his or her talent. However, this is not an excuse for deviating from the right path. Before making the commitment of buying a guitar, always consider the following factors.Acoustic Guitar Parts

  • Sound Quality. Of all factors, this is the most important one. Other factors considered should contribute towards a great sound. Even if you are a beginner you can differentiate the sounds of two guitars. Walk into that shop and ask the person in charge to allow you play different guitar brands. A guitar that is poor in sound and unresponsive will push you away towards the best option. Have in mind your music type so as to pick on the right match. If you love playing country, jazz or blues music then get the perfect match.
  • Wood Quality. Most guitars are either made of solid wood or just a laminate. It may be challenging for a beginner to differentiate this. Most manufacturers are very treacherous in concealing the true quality of the guitar. Most of them are very shiny and looks very luxurious with vibrant colors yet very delicate. You may need the help of an expert if you aren’t sure of making out the difference. Guitars made of solid wood are better in both magnification and quality of the sound than the laminate ones. They are also more expensive. You also have to give your budget a thought.
  • Playability. It is good to buy a guitar with strings that are closer. It is easier to play since less effort is required. This will also depend on personal preference. Buy what works for you.
  • Versatility. You may be looking for a guitar that can be used with several styles. You need to consider this but it may mean spending more. You may need a make that can produce various tones and resonate as per your needs. Some companies have developed a no-nonsense workhorse guitar brands that can be adjusted to meet all your versatile needs, whether you are a pro or a beginner. Try to optimize the value of your choice as you fit within your budget.
  • Body Size. Your goal is to have a guitar that can act as an effective tool in exploring your talent to a higher notch, not one that is a burden to manage. Depending on your age and body size, you will need a guitar that won’t be a burden for you. The right size implies more convenience.

5 Best Beginner Acoustic Guitars

We’ve evaluated tons of acoustic guitar brands. We took into considerations the above factors and came up with the top 5-best brands that work great for beginners. They have a high rating and have proven to be effective as far as the sound quality, sturdy construction and longevity are concerned.

1. Yamaha FG700S Solid Top Acoustic Natural Guitar

Yamaha FG700S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

This is one of the most well reputed brands that every beginner should consider. It is a 6-string, and very affordable. It has a solid Sitka spruce top and high-quality die-cast tuner. The entire construction is accented with a black and white body binding reinforced with a high-gloss smooth finish. The limited lifetime warranty offer is a solid prove of its reliable and impeccable quality.

The Yamaha FG700S brand has a reputable dating back to a heritage of “folk guitar”.

One great feature with this make, is the outstanding deluxe complement. It is a perfect acoustic guitar that falls short of nothing and any beginner would appreciate its value. The wood tone and the Sitka spruce make this FG700S produce a no-match sound. If you are looking for exclusive craftsmanship, modern technology, and a study lightweight design all wrapped in the one and only FG700S, then go for this model.

2. Jasmine S35 Acoustic Natural Guitar

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Natural Guitar

The Jasmine S35 is another well-crafted guitar that any beginner will find interesting and easy to use. Its finger wood is pure rosewood and features a spruce top. The unique Nato lamination and the smooth satin finish combination makes Jasmine a beautiful beginner guitar. It has a slim neck and a length of 25.5 inches that makes it easy to hold and enhance comfort.

The satin finish lamination enhances magnification and resonance of sound. The projections are great and sweep across the room creating a sweet musical mood. The S35 offer young ambitious guitarists an opportunity to learn and gets the job done as well. It comes at a favorable price but with a great value, more worth than anything less than $60.

3. Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar

seagull s6 original acoustic guitar

Seagull S6 is a great guitar for beginners willing to grow their talent. It represents the Seagull philosophy. Comfort is enhanced with the silver leaf maple neck integrated with a set neck. The bridge and the fingerboard are of rosewood make. The back and sides are made of Canadian Wild Cherry and reinforced with a semi-gloss finish. It is one of the few brands that have grasped many awards.

The mid-range price does not match the true value of the bold S6 Original Acoustic guitar. It is affordable yet incredible in producing a beautiful and rich sound. The solid cedar construction elevates the quality and elegance of the F6. I would honestly recommend this make to young guitar enthusiasts willing to take their talent to a higher level.

4. Starter Pack for Dummies Acoustic Guitar

Starter Pack for Dummies Acoustic Guitar (Audio CD, Gig Bag, Book)

The starter Pack has everything a guitarist needs for a start. It is incorporated with a digital tuner with 3 picks that makes learning easier and enjoyable. Playability is enhanced with a spruce top that sweeps a rich beautiful sound across the air. No hassle traveling with this brand because it comes with a gig bag that has a strap handle. The deluxe acoustic guitar also features a bonus Audio CD and a microphone.

It comes with a CR2032 battery and other modern accessories. The backs and the sides are of Linden make. The quality is outstanding with the fine precise tuners, pickguards and the steel strings. This is a popular model that has been labeled “For Dummies” because of the easy playability and learning aids. I wouldn’t wary recommending it to any beginner.

5. Rogue RA090 Dreadnought Acoustic Natural Guitar

Rogue RA090 Dreadnought Acoustic Natural Guitar

This is another ultimate guitar for ambitious young musicians. The design features a body depth and width that is styled to enhance comfort and bring out a rich tone. The projections emitted from the strings sweeps sweet sound across the room. The enviable Rogue Dreadnought acoustic guitar has a strong whitewood. Playability and tonal variations are enhanced with the Nato neck adds.

The quality of the tones produced by the Rogue RA090 is exclusive because of the finger-board painted Maple Bridge. This brand also features fine tuners and a nickel hardware that strikes elegance. Not a bad option for beginners, it has a great sound and gets the job done.

Benefits of Buying a Quality Acoustic GuitarFactors to Consider when buying an acoustic guitar

Some of the advantages of buying acoustic guitars are listed below.

A Great way of Relaxing Your Mind. 

With no need of buying several accessories or replacing spare parts, acoustic guitars invoke a romantic and relaxing mood. You can do it anywhere you want.

Best Tools for beginners. 

It is factual that acoustic guitars may seem so simple and traditional for pro guitarists but the case is different for beginners. There is no better way to help a beginner who is willing to venture into music than buying them an acoustic guitar. They are simple, easy to maintain and have great sounds. No complications that can scare away slow learners are incorporated in acoustic guitars.

Saves You Money.

Unlike other complicated electric guitarists that have so many installations, an acoustic guitar doesn’t need all that to be functional. This is why they are pretty cheap yet never fails when it comes to performance. Even the richest and most talented guitarists began using acoustic guitars. The price variation between electric and the acoustic guitars is very big and significant. You could save a lot by considering them. They are cheap but not necessarily of poor quality.

Handcrafted and Easy to Repair

Acoustic guitars are made of solid wood and well-crafted. The solid wood construction contributes to the magnification and resonance of sound. One surprising yet advantageous fact to beginners is that just like other much more expensive guitars, they produce great sounds that will enchant anybody. They are also easy to manage when they break down.

Popular and Easy to Use

Acoustic guitars are very common and easy to use. They are versatile and great for playing chords. They are highly recommended for beginners. You won’t have challenges when you are being guided by a friend since most of them own acoustic guitars.

Final Verdict and Recommendations

It is always good to start a journey with an amazing experience. The above acoustic guitars have great features that will see any beginner through. I would personally not recommend that a guitar enthusiast begins with a second-hand guitar when the above brands are not only incredible in sound and tone but also go at fantastic prices.

Today, unlike in the past where fine guitars were so expensive that only the few advantaged individuals could afford them, you can get a great piece at a low price. All factors put into consideration, the above acoustic guitars are a great starting point. I personally recommend them to anyone willing to have an easy start. It is good to start low and move up the ranks as you gain experience from scratch. The above brands are some of the best you can ever get in the market. Try them and I bet you will love your awesome music experience.

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