When we think of guitar amps, the first thing that come to mind are those giant backline of amps and speaker cabinet we normally see in big concerts. However, if you are in the market just looking for something to amplify your acoustic guitar, you are after a totally different think. Acoustic guitar amps are designed to accurately reproduce the natural sound of your acoustic instruments. Peruse our list of the best acoustic guitar amps below to find one that’s right for you.

General Thoughts on Amps Designed for Acoustic Guitars

A good acoustic amp is all about accurate and clean tone. Moreover, a good number of amplifiers allow guitarists to plug in acoustic electric guitars that don’t have electronic pick up. In short, if you are an acoustic guitarist, the amount of things you can do with your acoustic guitar amp makes it worth every other consideration.

If buying the best acoustic guitar amp is something you have been planning on doing real, there are quite a number of things you need to consider. First is all about quality; just like any other musical instrument, investing your money in a quality acoustic amp is essential. To get you started though, we take a look at some of the best amp specifically for acoustic guitars, their benefits and also what to look for when shopping an acoustic guitar amp.

At the end, if you are an acoustic guitarist, you now have every reason why you should invest in an amp. There is nothing quite like the sound of your guitar. It’s mellow and ability of your guitar to create haunting strains are all vital to so many songs today. In addition to your guitar, it is important to have the right support pieces when playing an acoustic guitar; an acoustic guitar amp being one of them. You can’t start to imagine all, which that small music amplification box could do.

Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Amps

If you are in the market combing looking for an acoustic guitar amp; well, you are in for a rude shock. The amount of selection you will have to go through can be a bit quite confusing. If you are a smart shopper, you are probably looking for one of the best acoustic guitar amps for your money.

Different people have a wider selection when it comes to amps, but you might still be wondering what distinguishes one from another. One of the best ways to approach that question to first think about which kind of situation you will be using your amp in. Here are the best 5 acoustic guitar amps available. These five models do not only come with some of the best effects, but the amount of power you can net from them will make playing your acoustic guitar fun and easy.

1. Fender Acoustasonic 150 Combo Acoustic Guitar Amp

Fender Acoustasonic 150 Combo Acoustic Guitar Amp

Fender is one of the longest and well known premier and acoustic guitar amp manufacturers in the world. This piece has a beautiful, clear and crisp tone that allows each singular note to ring cleanly and ever single chord to sustain beautifully. That I not the only best part, despites its reasonable price, this monster will simply blow you mind with its 90 watt power.

Other great features this amplifier comes fully equipped with include phantom power, XLR line out, vocal and separate guitar channels. It also comes with dual 8’’ low frequency foam surround speakers which bring down the weight of the unit while still giving out the much need clean power.

2. Fishman PRO-LBX-700 Loudbox Performer Watt Acoustic and Vocal Combo Amp

Fishman PRO-LBX-700 Loudbox Performer Watt Acoustic and Vocal Combo Amp

Told to pick a single word that best describes this amp, I would pick; perfect. This model comes with mouth watering rich tones, clear, pristine tones. Nailing both luxurious tone and sound quality that most designer miss, this amp has been designed to give everything you have always wanted from your amp. As a matter of fact, Fishman PRO-LBX-700 Loudbox Performer is considered the gold standard of acoustic guitar amplifiers available on the market. So if you want the best of the best, look no further, for this is all you have wanted.

3. Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS50D 50 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amp

Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS50D 50 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amp

Marshall’s offering easily made our list of the best acoustic guitar amps. If you have seen a friend use or tried this amp before, clearly, you don’t need to be given a very lengthy explanation about it. Coming with massive and clean power enough power to fill a small venue, this amp is currently battling f rte spot. Plus, its presentation is amazing; this amp has been built to last for years. While it is less popular than other major brands out there, most people still think this amp is worth every other consideration.

4. Roland AC-60 2 X 6.5 Stereo 30 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amp

Roland AC-60 2 X 6.5 Stereo 30 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amp

Are you ready to upgrade to a much more powerful amp. While a number of amps that cost a few hundreds dollars are able to get the job done, when you have a real budget of let’s say more than $300, some great amplifies come out of the woodwork. This model from Roland is exactly that. With its 30 watts and two separate 6.5 speakers, you will net enough volume to take over a bigger room. Despite Roland AC-60 2 X 6.5 Stereo 30 Watt Acoustic having been built using tough and strong materials, this amp is ridiculously lightweight; you won’t have any problem moving it from place to another. Overall, this is the most ideal choice for performance and high caliber practicing.

5. Fender Blues Deluxe Guitar Combo Amp

Fender Blues Deluxe Guitar Combo Amp

Following all that has been said about this amp, there is no way we were not going to mention it. While this amp is not strictly acoustic amplifier, there is a reason why many acoustic guitarists are going for this map. Capable of producing the dirtiest blues tone and crisp natural notes, this gadget is fast becoming one of the most sought after acoustic guitar amp. It comes with 1×12’’ special design Eminence speaker powered by three 12AX7 preamp tubes and 2 6l6 Groove Tubes output tubes. Other features you can get include effect loop, chicken head knobs, chrome control panel and tweed covering among other great features.

Top Benefits of a Quality Acoustic Guitar Amp

If you have an acoustic guitar and you have never thought of buying an acoustic guitar amp, you are really missing out on something big. Here are reason why you should buy one today.

Plenty of Choices Available

Buy a Quality Acoustic Guitar AmpFor an industry that has seen several acoustic guitar amps being designed and made available, there are plenty of choices for musicians. Depending largely on what you need and what you can afford, there is that one model that will give you everything you need. From those high end amps to those small and cheap amps, whether you are looking for something to practice with or for live performance, you have range of choices to select one from today.

Loud, Good and Clean Tone

The main reason why we buy these gadgets is for tone reproduction. If you are performing in a venue, an acoustic guitar amp is quite helpful. An amp can give you a good, clean tone with enough volume to be heard across a large or room or stadium. The right a can significantly change the tone of your guitar as it emphasizes or de-emphasizes the various effects of the music played. In short, an acoustic guitar amp makes live performance fun and lively.

Comes with Great Features

Most amplifiers offer built in effects such as reverb and chorus that can in a myriad of ways add some shimmer and drama to your sound making the sound produced by your guitar pleasing to the hear. As if that not eve enough with an amp, you also get a quality on –board chorus effect that you can dial in to your specific preference. For real, it cannot get better than that.

Durable and Portable

When you look at the way most of these map have been designed, it is evident, the designers always have durability in mind. They normally come fully complete with very tough and strong case, allowing musician to use them even in hostile environments. Most acoustic guitar amps are surprisingly lightweight. You won’t have any probe, mobbing it from your studio to a concert venue.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Acoustic Guitar Amp

Contrary to what we all tend to think, a high price is not always synonymous with quality. When choosing the best acoustic guitar amp, there are more than a few things that we all should be looking for before we make your final decision. Here are few of the things that will help you buy the best amp for your guitar today.benefits of an acoustic guitar amp

  • Volume and power. I believe need for volume and more power is the reason we all want to buy an amp, and if you are looking for an acoustic guitar map, obviously, one of the first things you need to consider volume and power in terns of wattage. So before you make any purchase, many at times, where you would typically need amplification will dictate what you are going to home with. For example, if you are going to use your am in a very small space, 20 to 30 watts will make a lot of sense.
  • Channels. Most acoustic guitar amplifiers come with more than one channel, making it possible to plug in several guitars, other instruments or a vocal microphone depending largely on what you want. However, to get the most versatility and be able to dial in the right tone for each of the instrument or microphones you are plugging in going for an amp with independent EQs, controls and effects will make a lot of sense.
  • Inputs. As with the number of channels, the number of input your am comes with must be taken into great consideration. Unlike those electric guitar amps we see everywhere that often come with one or more ¼ inch input, acoustic guitar amps have a number of input types, usual including XLR connectors for your microphone and ¼ inch connectors for other instrument. So before you have it packed, make sure your amp has the connection types you need. For instance, if you know you will be forced to use your mic inputs for both your voice and guitar, you will need two XLR connections on your amp.
  • Feedback control. A good number of acoustic guitar amps that comes with a power of 20 watts and up come with a form of feed back control. If you are playing in a situation where you need to turn your amplifier up more, this control feature could be very vital. So when shopping for an amp for your acoustic guitar, other than just trying to find out if feedback control is included, consider its ease of use and the impact it has on tone quality. Most amplifiers offer a vey simple push button feedback control that can cause a slight loss if richness in tone. However, other advanced amplifiers come fully complete with notch filters that allow you to isolate the problem frequencies.
  • Built in effects and speakers. While a good number of solid state amplifies comes with a number of great built effects, if you are going to be using the effects, it might make a lot of sense to buy an amp with build in effects such as chorus, eco and reverb. It does not eve stop there; if your intention is to use effects or not to, you should actually be considered when choosing the speaker configuration of amp. If you are one of those people who love a natural acoustic guitar tome, then you will be just fine with a single or mono speaker amp. Alternatively, if you are planning to sue a ping pong, you will need a stereo amp.
  • Physical appearance. Last not least; while the physical appearance of your amp is not that important, at times, it can come into play when making a selection. Most amp designs are vinyl incased and wooden boxes housing the speakers. So when shopping for an acoustic guitar amp, take into great consideration how easy it is to handle and its ability to adapt to even the slightest venue staging environment. This can be quite helpful when playing in a cozy restaurant. Pay very close attention to the casing, how well chords are attached and any other elements. Durability is everything.

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